Launch emulators like
never before

App for launching iOS and Android emulators.
Lightweight, Open source, fully native.

Compact but powerful

MiniSim sits in your menubar and offers a lot of handy utilities.

MiniSim screenshot


Some of the features that make this app stand out. More features coming soon!

Launch emulators

All your emulators right in your menu bar without opening Android Studio or Xcode.

Copy device name and ID

Makes it easier to execute custom CLI commands.

Toggle Talkback

Allows you to quickly turn on/off accessibility on android emulators.

Launch without audio

No more messed up music playing through your headphones while launching emulator.

Paste clipboard to emulator

No need to wait for the popup allowing you to paste!

Cold boot

The best way to restart your emulator if something is not working.

Raycast Extension

If you want to control MiniSim from your keyboard, you can use the Raycast Extension.

MiniSim screenshotInstall minisim Raycast Extension